What is Abacus?

Abacus is the simplest way to learn, and get started with trading on the NSE.

Start From Scratch

With interactive text and video tutorials, articles and courses that start right from the basics and guide you to becoming a pro

Never Walk Alone

Bring your friends along. Meet like-minded people, ask questions, get insights and ideas from other traders

Get Confident

Get real time market data and analysis, read the latest news affecting your investments, see what the experts think and get guidance from pro traders.

The market is calling. Let Abacus be your guide


The Abacus Platform is the most comprehensive source of information about the NSE. Your perfect companion

Live Market Data

View order and trades as they occur in realtime. Get historical prices and information about the companies listed on the Exchange.


The most important investment you will make is in yourself. Step by step learning using great articles and engaging videos.


 With our community, you get to learn and engage with a huge community of fellow traders of all skill levels – from noob to sensei.  You never walk alone. 


News articles and insights produced by our inhouse team in addition to content carefully curated from all over the world.

Practice Market

Get confident by testing out your investment ideas on the most realistic virtual market around.

Trade and Track

 Open your brokerage and CDSC accounts* and link to Abacus. \Monitor your portfolio, add shares to your watch-list and get trading alerts